from White House Fetes and Birthday Gatherings to the creation of an Urban Oasis our services extend long beyond the reach of our New York Store.

Step out of an exquisitely decorated Park Avenue apartment and you find yourself engulfed in a terrace garden that epitomizes the mantra of LG frame the view and create rooms. A space that gives a view of the Manhattan skyline at every turn, so high that you almost feel as if you can touch the blue, blue sky above. Splashed with dappling sunshine it was perfect for romantic scented roses, climbing jasmine, and every variety of annual and sturdy perennials.

Invite Lexington Gardens create the perfect backdrop for any occasion. The floral expertise of Michael Walter and the creative design of Rosa Szule will tie together the most intricate of details bringing to life your wildest imaginations. They have worked with tiny chapels and private clubs to the White House and sprawling fields in the country.