Step into Lexington Gardens and you’ve found an oasis of beauty. 

 The constantly changing landscape of this particular garden is a mecca for both professional decorators and inspired shoppers.  Every item from the smallest votive holder to the Palazzo sized antique terra cotta urn, are carefully chosen to reflect the casual elegance that is the Lexington Gardens trademark.

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With a master’s degree in horticulture, Michael was working as a designer for London’s florist-to-the-Queen Kenneth Turner when he was hired by Lexington Gardens 14 years ago. Rosa arrived soon after with a background in fashion design and a feminine sensibility that complemented Michael’s gardening concepts.

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Michael Walter

Michael Walter, world-renowned floral designer, joined Lexington Gardens more than fourteen years ago. He brought with him years of international recognition for his exquisite talent. Born in Europe, he studied horticulture, landscape design and traditional English style floral decoration. In London Michael joined Kenneth Turner, long considered the grand maser of floral design. After two exciting years Michael turned his sights on other European cities, spending several years in Zurich. A yearlong teaching experience followed in Japan. By the time he arrived at Lexington Gardens, Michael had defined a unique approach to his work which is at once beautifully classic and refreshingly modern. To further distinguish his talent, Michael works not only with fresh flowers, but almost exclusively with dried. Using boxwood, poppy pods, mosses, ferns,